Amazing! Prime Hydration Ice Pop To Quench Your Thirst

Need muscle recovery? How much have you tried but can’t build your muscle? Not only exercise can make you fit. You can’t build your body without proper drinks and food. You need Prime Hydration Ice Pop.

Prime hydration ice pop flavor is awesome to consume. Prime ice pop is a healthy drink that can quench your thirst in a healthy way. If you want to keep yourself fit and healthy you should hydrate yourself with Prime Hydration Ice Pop. In this article you will be able to know about Prime Ice pop drinks.

Prime ice pop is a sports drink that is healthy for all ages. Not only healthy it’s a sports drink. Here are some reasons why prime ice pop is a great drink for hydration? Cheek Price on Amazon.

Prime Hydration Ice Pop

  1. To quench your thirst.
  2. Best for vegan bodybuilders.
  3. Bolt of energy.
  4. No excessive alcohol and diabetes.
  5. Good for intracellular electrolytes.
  6. Less sugar   

To Quench Your Thirst 

In this busy era you often forget about drinking water, aren’t you? It is quite natural that you will forget to quench your thirst. As water doesn’t taste of anything. But if your drinks are interesting then you will definitely not forget about quenching your thirst.

Hydration is important. Without hydrating your cell you will collapse your health. Human body is made of 70% water. So, if you don’t hydrate your cell your cell will be dead due to lack of water. So, you need hydration drinks in summer and winter both. 

Health is wealth. Ice Pop is a hydration that will hydrate you in a healthy way. Prime is healthier than Gatorade. Ice Pop is not only healthy but also tasty. You like to have Prime Hydration Ice Pop as it is a great drink. You can also get in the Prime Hydration sticks and you will not forget about it. So, quench your thirst with prime Ice Pop. 

Best For Vegan Bodybuilders

Being a vegan bodybuilder you will always find it difficult what to eat? What to drink? Here you will get a proper post workout meal for muscle gain. Muscle recovery and muscle gain is a tough thing for a vegan bodybuilder. Isn’t it? But you can be a vegan bodybuilder with a vegan diet. 

People who eat vegetables as a vegan diet to build body are called a vegan bodybuilder. To be a vegan bodybuilder you have to maintain your vegan diet. In a vegan diet it will be a great choice. You can add prime Ice pop as a post workout meal for muscle gain or. The best glute exercises can’t make muscle only. You have to drink proper and healthy Prime Ice Pop drinks for your vegan diet.           

Bolt Of Energy 

Many of the customers reviewed that Prime Ice Pop is a bolt of energy. They drink it after a workout. So, they felt a bolt of energy. You can also take prime ice pop as a pre workout meal for muscle gain. As prime drink contains all the energetic ingredients. After drinking this ice pop your heart will bounce out of joy for a bomb taste and bolt of energy.

No Excessive Alcohol And Diabetes

There is no alcohol in this drink. Heavy drinking of alcohol causes diabetes and kidney problems. So, ice pop is much healthier than Gatorade. The ingredients of prime ice pop are essential for your daily life. Per gram prime Ice Pop contains fat 9, carbohydrate 4, protein 4. So you can imagine how healthy a prime hydration drink is! 

Good for intracellular electrolytes

Intracellular electrolytes are the electrolytes that are found inside the intracellular fluid of a cell. The most important electrolytes of an intracellular fluid are sodium, potassium, magnesium. 

Prime Ice Pop contains all the needed electrolytes. Sodium and magnesium are available 10MG and 123.9 MG . Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium are the electrolytes that improve your intracellular electrolytes. So drink prime ice pop for your better intracellular electrolytes. 

Less Sugar              

Sugar is a harmful agent for our health. Health is the root of all happiness. Consuming sugar only makes our body vulnerable. It creates many diseases that make you just sick. But we are human. We always think about having delicious food. Sweet and sugar is love for many people. 

This ice pop doesn’t have any added sugar. It contains some carbohydrate and that makes it sweet. Moreover coconut water is tasty, salty and sweet. It’s contains 10% coconut water. So, drink prime ice pop so that you can be healthy in a delicious way. Prime hydration has so many flavors. If you want to check another flavor of prime hydration drink, you can check here. Prime Hydration Meta Moon.   

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are prime drinks sugar free?

Yes It’s sugar free. Prime ice pop doesn’t have any added sugar.

 How much sugar is in the drink prime?

There are 2 g of sugar in drink prime hydration. It is quite little as the Gatorade punch drinks have 36 g of sugar.


 What Prime drink is sweetened with?

There is no added sugar in prime drinks. Prime hydration drink is a sugar free drink. There are some carbohydrate, fructose. These ingredients make the prime hydration drink sweetened.

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