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The Official Global Sports Drink BodyArmor of the UFC is replaced by Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME energy drink

Shocking news about UFC! In front of the press UFC declared that they are going to replace the official global sports drink BodyArmor of the UFC with Logan Paul and KSI’s prime energy drink.

Here is the brief announcement of the UFC PRIME drink partnership press release:

“As UFC’s new Official Global Sports Drink Partner, PRIME’s visibility will be highlighted by unprecedented branding in the Octagon at all UFC Pay-Per-Views and Fight Nights, as well as at Dana White’s Contender Series and The Ultimate Fighter,” it read. “The new branding will include ownership of the Octagon’s well-known ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ corners, which will be re-named PRIME Hydration Recovery Zones. PRIME’s corner branding will also be included on the newly launched Octagon-shaped Cornermen Stool, which UFC has developed to coincide with its 30th anniversary celebration campaign this year.”

“PRIME will also be named the exclusive Presenting Sponsor for all UFC Pay-Per-View weigh-ins, providing PRIME key brand placement during the UFC fight week event that highlights the importance of proper hydration. UFC will also provide PRIME with branding opportunities within UFC’s state-of-the-art Performance Institutes in Las Vegas and Shanghai, as the beverage company will be named an Official Partner of UFC Performance Institute and will become the Presenting Sponsor of the Performance Institute’s Hydration Stations.”

“Finally, the new partnership will offer a unique, first-of-its-kind marketing activation, as PRIME will be named an Inaugural Presenting Partner of the UFC Foundation, an officially recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. UFC and PRIME will strategically collaborate to develop a charitable youth program that will be administered in under-resourced communities.”

So, The Official Global Sports Drink BodyArmor of the UFC is replaced by Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME energy drink. They are going to use a unique marketing strategy by focusing on young people. The athlete will use prime hydration drinks for their hydration. It will give the UFC and  Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME energy drink to another label.

Prime Hydration Recovery Zone  

UFC is going to erase the so called boring and simple concept of red and blue corner. Now there is no red and blue corner concept in their matches. The athlete will get a prime hydration recovery zone. Their couch will help the athlete in their rest time during the match. This concept is a new and unique one. Here is a video where a coach is giving great advice to the athlete in the Prime Hydration Recovery Zone.

Although prime hydration is now famous in the US and UK. This UFC and Logan Paul collaboration of branding will make a new line in their marketing. Prime hydration will be more famous than ever before. The young people are fond of UFC fighting matches. UFC and Prime will make a new charitable chapter for the young people. This will become a great branding. As you know, prime hydration drinks are healthy and nutritious drinks. For these prime hydration sports drinks people will get more crazy than ever before.

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has changed the names of the traditional red and blue corners. It turns to “PRIME Hydration Recovery Zones.” This change was likely made as part of a marketing or sponsorship deal. This will make great changes to the company named PRIME that offers hydration or recovery products for athletes. The new names simply reflect a new branding or marketing strategy. It will not impact the actual fights or athletes in any significant way. The purpose of the corners is still to designate which fighter is assigned to which corner during a bout. This new name is simply a way of incorporating a new sponsor into the UFC’s and prime hydration sports drink’s branding.

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