KSI orange mango flavor

New KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration limited edition!

What do you think about prime hydration? I think Prime hydration is a source of surprise. Now KSI launched a new prime hydration orange mango flavor. But Alas! KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration is only for the UK. 

From the very beginning the UK faces a scarcity of prime hydration. They just make many lines in many department stores to buy prime hydration. Now KSI launched a new flavor to keep equality between two countries. Now US people are becoming crazy about it. I don’t know how many ebay or any other ecommerce site listings will be made. People can list only the bottle after consuming it. I think KSI and Prime have the devastating power to make their product super popular. 

What is Inside the KSI Orange Mango Flavor Prime Hydration box? 

In a 12 bottle pack the KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration has many things. Not only the KSI orange mango prime hydration bottles. But also the KSI orange mango flavor box has a t-shirt and a bandana. 

If you ask about the taste of KSI orange mango prime hydration. I would like to say that it is not an orangey flavor that everyone just called it okay. Orange mango is a bit different. Its color and taste are both unique and different. The taste is as usual prime hydration drinks. It tasted very good. But not that much unique. As we know, limited addition is always unique and different. But KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration is not that unique. It tasted good, feels good. 

In the UK people are becoming crazy about this drink. They are consuming it in a large amount. But US people are not having this product. Let’s explore what KSI says.

What KSI is saying about KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration drink?

“We are continuing to come out with exclusive, one-off, limited edition bottles,” Logan said. Teasing KSI’s new flavor. As previously shown during a tour of Australia. We know this design features a black base with green and yellow accents. This is along with KSI’s name at the top of every label. 

“The first one, we threw into the crowd,” KSI jokes, having brought a few bottles with him overseas. “So some Aussie fan has got that. The other one, we left at the studio,” he added.

KSI orange mango flavor

So, KSI confirmed that an exclusive KSI Prime bottle will be available for a limited time exclusively in the UK.

KSI and Logan Paul’s beverage brand Prime has been a hot topic since the product launch at the start of the year. The hugely successful company managed to bring in 250 million. Although it’s the first year of their business. They are looking forward well beyond that this year. And also Prime Hydration Drink recently became the official sports drink of the UFC.

With all that’s going on, it was no surprise. The announcement of another limited flavor of Prime Hydration Drink made a lot of noise. For those that missed it. Prime has crafted a temporary taste named after one of its founders in KSI. It has been confirmed as an Orange Mango experience. Not only is it limited. But it’s also launching exclusively in the UK through the dedicated online store at drinkprime.uk. 

Prime, KSI and Logan Paul all are a great influencer in the US hydration business. They make a huge fan  following in the market in a very short time. They are now trying to grab the world business market. In the UK they have made this KSI orange mango flavor prime hydration exclusively available for a short time. They are grabbing the opportunity to make up for the scarcity problem in Uk. They are growing day by day. As their aim is to become the world’s best drink selling company competing with all the beverage companies in the market.

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