how much money Prime drink has made

Logan Paul Reveals How Much Money Has Made From His Energy Drink Prime

What do you think? What makes prime drinks so popular? It became so popular that in one year it became the best drink selling company in the USA. People become crazy about these prime drinks. They made up lines in many department stores to buy a prime drink. So, we all have a question: how much money prime drink has made? Now this question of how much money prime drink has made, is a hot topic.  

Logan Paul rose to prominence on the now-defunct video service Vine. Now he has over 23.6 million YouTube subscribers.

KSI is a person who just keeps his hand to a brand. The brand would become popular. This happened to prime drinks. This will give you the answer about how much money prime drink has made?


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Logan Paul and KSI are two popular YouTube personalities who gained a significant amount of attention for their boxing matches. They have had two highly publicized boxing matches against each other, the first one being held in 2018 and the second one in 2019.

The first fight was held in Manchester, England, and was watched by millions of fans online. The fight ended in a draw, which led to a rematch that was held in Los Angeles, California. The second fight was a professional bout and was won by KSI by split decision.

Both Logan Paul and KSI have millions of subscribers on their YouTube channels and are known for creating content related to vlogging, music, and gaming. They have also gained attention for their outspoken personalities and controversial behavior.

The world-famous internet celebrities and boxing players, KSI and Logan Paul have made history. They revealed the hot topic in a Tiktok interview. They said their joint venture, PRIME drinks, has made millions in just a year. In a recent Tiktok interview, the duo have leaked about how they have experienced approximately 50% net gross. They also said that they cleared massive revenues during January this year. In a year this much is insane.  

Recently Logan Paul and KSI have flown to Australia to commemorate the introduction of Prime in the country. They hosted meet-and-greet sessions with their fans. The social media stars were greeted by large crowds and made numerous TV and radio appearances. The hosts of the Kyle and Jackie O radio show questioned Prime Drinks about how much money prime drink has made during their interview. When they were asked KSI hesitated to reveal the information. But you know about paul. He had a controversial personality. So, after some confusion, Paul revealed that the sports drink made $250 million in retail sales and $110 million in internal profits. It also made an additional $45 million in January. It was the same month Prime was named the UFC’s official drink.

how much money Prime drink has made

In terms of financial success, the figures speak for themselves. They demonstrated Prime’s tremendous viral popularity. Of course, last year’s rollouts were not flawless. USA and UK retailers struggled to keep Prime on the shelves. With one video showing buyers battling for the beverage they just made it happen. Prime scalpers were also putting a burden on the restricted supply by reselling the beverage for substantially more than its retail price. KSI has also shouted about it. Last month, Logan Paul’s business partner KSI reacted violently to the Prime scalpers in a TikTok video.

As 2023 approaches, the duo has already released limited edition orange mango or other varieties. These are expected to be in high demand in the market. The influencers have big hopes and dreams for the brand’s future to be the world’s best drink selling company. It won’t be impossible if in the future Prime contested big names in the industry. Following a strong start in January, they might easily outperform their first-year margins in no time.

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