Did KSI leave Prime

Did KSI Leave Prime? Explaining The Surprising Story

It will be hard to find people who don’t even taste prime drinks. Isn’t it? Of course it is. In a year prime drinks become one of the most popular beverages in the USA. How do they make it possible? The success of the Prime Drinks is all about KSI and Logan Paul. And obviously social media like youtube, tiktok and many other social media catapults their brand success. What if Lagan paul and KSI fall apart? Did KSI leave Prime?

Did KSI Leave Prime?

We all know that Logan Paul and KSI recently went to Australia to commemorate the introduction of Prime in the country. There was an incident in the Kyle and Jackie O podcast. In that podcast Logan Paul and KSI have talked about their first 10 million production situation for the UK. 

In that podcast KSI said that “He (showing Logan Paul) who came up with the drink idea well I mean it was through he came up to me with the idea. He was like “yo I’ve got this single prime and I would love to work with you.” At that time Logan Paul said that KSI is a great name, good name. KSI again said, “I almost didn’t do it.” Kyle said, “why not why? KSI said, “ Because everything was moving so fast. I got like, panicked and I was like, “oh I’m out.” 

Logan Paul again said, “Not just panicked, yeah it’s like a last minute ditch. This is kind of an exclusive story like we’ve said. Here or there and I’m sure one day this will be like a big thing. Yeah the day before 10 million bottles were going into production the first 10 million bottles. Actually on the bottle right now at the very end the message says humbly the prime team. At first it said humbly Logan Paul and KSI. But the day before because things were moving too fast and JJ hadn’t met the partners because he was based in the UK and he didn’t really know the process and kind of was just trusting us blindly. He left the group chat. Which was his way.” 


He tried to quit Prime the day before 😳 #KSI #loganpaul #drinkprime #prime #kjshow

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Further Logan Paul says, “His manager calls me, “yeah man it’s not really working out JJ he’s not going to be able to do the project with you guys.” 

“I’m like dude what are you fu**ing saying? It’s going into production tomorrow it’s too late. Nah yes I called KSI up and I was like hey man. Like I’m just gonna tell you I don’t want to do this without you. I don’t want to make a drink company by myself like I need you.” 

Did KSI Leave Prime

Did KSI leave Prime? So, from this conversation you can understand that KSI didn’t leave prime hydration. It was just a misunderstanding. KSI and Logan Paul are doing their business in a very effective marketing way.

Yeah yeah now you have seen some posts about did Logan Paul leave prime drinks? Here is your answer. 

Then Did Logan Paul Leave Prime Drink?

Logan Paul has put his hand in a variety of businesses. He also owns ‘Prime Hydration’, which is co-owned by KSI. KSI is his foe-turned-business partner which is dramatically wonderful. Prime Drinks is doing a great business in both the United States and the UK. However, Paul has recently stated that he wants to leave the company. There is a video on youtube. In that video they are laughing and talking in this regard. 

The video shows Paul’s friend Mike Majlak is making fun of him. Mike Majlak is showing him the scorecard from the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight. The Maverick looked at the scorecard and made fun of him. Because the scorecard even had a 10-2 score. This certainly embarrassed Paul and made him fade up. Logan Paul laughed after seeing the scorecard. Out of the ashamness he humorously stated, I’m fu**ing leaving this company.

It is totally true that Paul and KSI’s Prime Hydration is achieving new heights of success with each passing day. The two were boxing rivals before. They even fought in two boxing matches. Following that, they let bygones be bygones. They combined themself to create a new brand. They launched their own company together. 

The Maverick had taken the world by storm when he fought a boxing legend. Floyd Mayweather, inside a ring he is a hero . He also had two fights with fellow Youtuber KSI. The Ohio native is not new to fighting. Because he used to wrestle before becoming a celebrity. Paul recently signed a massive deal with WWE, which had taken over the Internet.

So, from the above you can assume that KSI and Logan Paul both are stable in their business. Moreover they are touching high success in a very unique way. In the end, that was enough to get KSI back on board with Prime which has gone on to become a massive success. As of now, it doesn’t appear that KSI and Logan Paul are looking to leave the company any time soon. They are trying to become the successor of the world’s best beverage selling company.

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