supermarket stocking prime drinks

Another Big Supermarket Stocking Prime Drinks in stores – but there’s a catch

Are you a fan of prime drinks? If you are a fan you won’t be happy to hear this news. You will be able to buy a limited amount of prime drink. Supermarket stocking Prime drinks. Why supermarket stocking Prime drinks? 

In the last year you have observed Prime drinks. When Prime drinks arrive in the market, in a few days it becomes out of stock. The USA and UK are facing scarcity of Prime drinks every time, when they have been stocked. To face this situation, supermarkets are thinking about a solution. That is supermarket stocking Prime drinks. The UK supermarkets steps and ways are given in this article. Stores across the UK started stocking the hydration drink from Thursday (February 23). But the retailer will only be selling the drink in four of the seven flavors. 


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Morrisons Supermarket stocking prime drinks

One the latest supermarket Morrisons has come to stock the viral Prime Hydration drinks. As there is scarcity of prime drinks. Last week, Morrison’s announced that it was planning to stock the beverage. But They did not initially confirm the date. But they would start selling KSI and Logan Paul’s hit product. But Morrison is not the first supermarket to stock these products.    

Because Morrison comes after Sainsbury’s started to stock the impossible-to-find beverage Prime drinks last week.

Not only the supermarkets but also the retailers have their own way to cope with this situation. They will sell four flavors of the drink in its supermarkets for £2. The flavors are created by Logan Paul and KSI.  

Morrison will take a step to adapt in this situation. At Morrisons the drinks will be limited to 4 per customer. Because they are taking an attempt to prevent the drink being sold at extremely high prices outside of the store. Not only Morrison but also at Sainsbury’s they’re limited to 3 per customer.

A spokesman from Morrison’s said: “We are now stocking the much sought after Prime Hydration Energy Drink in the majority of our stores while stocks last.”

The Prime drink comes in seven flavors. They are: Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon and Lime, Meta Moon, Orange and Grape.

All the drinks are made up of 10% coconut water. They also come with B vitamins, BCAA’s for muscle recovery and electrolytes and many more important nutrition.

Morrisons will be stocking their shops with four of the flavors. These include:

The Prime drink comes in a variety of flavors. They are- Grape, Meta Moon, Orange, and Strawberry Watermelon, as well as the limited edition Orange and Mango flavor. Orange mango is a flavor which is only available in the UK for a limited time. KSI also confirmed that it is a temporary flavor only for the UK. As the UK faces scarcity at the moment when Prime Drinks came to the UK market.  

Sainsbury’s is stocking four of the main flavors, as well as the limited edition KSI flavor. Prime drink is a brand which is flying off of Sainsbury’s shelves. 

Firstly the beverage was initially sold in Asda stores across the UK. But demand rose so high that some independent retailers became Unscrupulous businessmen. They were selling Prime drinks for higher prices. In December last year, Aldi started selling the drink too. 

So, are you clear about the reason why supermarkets stock Prime drinks? In this situation if you’re hoping to stock up in store, you might have to think again. As there will be a limitation of four or three items per customer. Supermarket stocking Prime drinks.

In the UK, People rushed to buy the drink, with fights breaking out in some stores. Or they line up for the Prime Drinks. As people desperately tried to get their hands on a bottle to explore it.

Why do PRIME Drinks become so hype?

Why supermarket stocking Prime drinks? Why do PRIME Drinks become so hype? 

Prime drinks are known as Prime Hydration, a non-fizzy, coconut-water. It is a based drink created by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

Supermarket stocking prime drinks

Prime drinks are said to be a ‘natural flavored water’. They are made from 10% coconut water. It contains electrolytes, BCAA for muscle recovery, B vitamins and antioxidants.

The drinks first went on sale in the US back in early 2022. But the UK didn’t receive its first batch of the drinks until December. It sold out almost as soon as they arrived. It began to send the beverage viral as people tried to get their hands on a bottle. Supermarket stocking Prime drinks.

In this speed of development Logan Paul and KSI will definitely make their brand as popular as Coca Cola or Pepsi. As they are dreaming to be the world’s best beverage selling company.

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